The work in this direction is carried out by joint efforts of the dean, the methodical commission and the council of the faculty, the methodical council of the institute and the council of the university, the educational department, as well as directly by the staff of the departments.

Particular attention is given to providing students with methodical, reference and normative literature.
In addition to the library and reading room at the university, there are manuals and textbooks that are located in the libraries of the faculty, the hostel where the students live.
Provision of students with teaching aids is sufficient.
Tutorials, manuals and guidelines are constantly being improved and revised. Although the analysis of the availability of literature shows, the number of Ukrainian-language methodological and educational literature has increased significantly in recent years.
The teachers of the departments take the most active part in co-authorship with the teachers of the leading universities of Ukraine in writing educational and methodical literature in the state language. The teaching facilities are widely used in the departments: drugs, posters, films, real samples and multimedia lectures. Students get acquainted with the latest achievements in veterinary medicine and learn to use new teaching aids.
Modern methods and facilities of the laboratories of the departments are used for conducting classes. Particular attention is given to the linkage of the sequence between the disciplines in content. Regular inter-departmental methodological seminars, work program reviews are regularly held.

Scientific and methodological seminars are held at the departments in order to improve the qualification of teachers. Individual and group conversations with students are organized. New researches are being introduced into the diploma works, new methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of sick animals are used with the use of modern equipment, diagnostics and more.
The use of computer technology adds further opportunities for improving the quality of training of specialists. Student education is carried out using a credit-modular system. Each teacher uses the distribution of course material into modular blocks, works with them and accepts them from students.
In conducting the industrial practice of students, the dean and the departments make every effort to fulfill the students’ program of practice both in the institutions of state veterinary medicine, and in private institutions, as well as in the best farms of different forms of ownership.
Computing work within the R&D and diploma design is performed using computers that are sufficient in each department.